Reviews of works

Hello, My old friend.

There is so much to discover, so many doors are opened to different emotional worlds that you don't have to understand all of them. Jack Bannerman (Hello, my old friend), for example, leaves viewers wondering with his seemingly never-ending blend of memories and re-encounters of feelings and people. But not understanding doesn't mean that you can't recognize the uniqueness and simply enjoy it.*

Thüringer Allgemeine, Peter Rossbach. 23.5.2022 *Translated from German

Do you feel at home?

»Do you feel at home?« - a probably very familiar question to people who do not live in their home country - asked the Australian Jack Bannerman and his duet partner Joadson C. Souza from Brazil - both dancers at Landestheater Eisenach - in Bannerman’s piece named after the question. With expressive gestures, precisely coordinated movement material and targeted passages of text, they managed to say goodbye to the part of the self that remains at home and found, if not a new home, at least a „safe place“.

Tanz Zentralle Nürnberg - Henrik Kaalund 3.4.2023