Originally from Australia, Jack worked professionally as a dancer in both Australia and Europe for 8 years, dancing repertoire from choreographers such as Bryan Arias, Jorge Pérez Martínez, and Andris Plucis.

As a choreographer, Jack has been invited to present his first work Do you feel at home for the Choreografische Werkstatt run by Tanzplattform Rhein-Main (DE), the Vesuvius Film festival (IT) (finalist), the Raw and Polished Tanz presentation by Tanz Zentrale der Region Nürnberg (DE) , and the Florence Dance festival (IT). His solo work Baby Blue was presented at the Tanz Netz Dresden Studio Round #5 (DE).

Jack has also previously been invited to Chemnitz (DE) to create a work for the Marianne Brandt International award. Soon after he also created a live installation work with Li Kirnbauer, Lean on Me, which was presented as part of the Sound,Space,Body festival in Dresden (DE).

His largest work Hello, my old friend, was presented by the Landestheater Eisenach (DE), and was also recently shortlisted for the Tanzplattform Bern 2023.

In April 2023 , You’re playing with our feelings was created as a commission for the Bachelor students of the PerformAct school in Portugal in April 2023.

In June 2023 he was invited to the International Choreographer's Residency at the American Dance Festival, where he created the work When I don't get enough sleep, I cry.

In October 2023 Jack collaborated with Sculptural Artist Frieda Kirch in the creation of a new theater work entitled Isn’t it a Pity.

In November 2023 Jack created a commissioned work Where there’s smoke, There’s people for the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz, Dresden.

Jack has presented two visual works at the Deustches Hygiene Museum (Child’s play), and the Halle 14 Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst (Day Dreams)

Jack is currently completing an MA in Choreography at the Palucca University for dance in Dresden, Germany.


4.7.2023 New creation When I don't get enough sleep, I cry. American Dance Festival, Durham, NC, USA.

1.7.2023 You're Playing with our Feelings, Presented at the Multiplicidades festival (PT).

6.4.2023 New creation You're Playing with our feelings. Commission for PerformAct, Torres Vedras (PT)

21.11.2022 New installation work Lean on Me with Mixed-Mediaartist Li Kirnbauer, for the Body, Space, and Sound Festival.Dresden (GER)

29.10.2022 Invited to create a short work for the Marie-BrandtInternational Bauhaus Award ceremony, Chemnitz (GER)

15.10.2022 Invited to present the solo work Baby Blue at the TanzNetz Dresden Studio Round #5, Dresden (GER)

28.8.2022 Accepted into Masters of Arts in Choreography at thePalucca Hochschule für Tanz, Dresden (GER)

30.6.2022 Invited to present Do you feel at home? at the FlorenceDance festival for the program, Twilight in the Round. Florence (IT)

25.6.2022 Invited to collaborate with Shane Urton (Royal Ballet ofFlanders) in creation of two duets for Gala Geraardsbergen (BEL)

23.5.2022 New work Hello, my old friend, for the LandestheaterEisenach. With 6 dancers, costume design Philipp Fritsche,videography Maxi Richter. Eisenach (GER)

3.4.2022 Invited to present Do you feel at Home at Tanz Zentrale derRegion Nürnberg, Raw and Polished. Nürnberg (GER)

25.9.2021 New solo work Baby Blue, Collaboration withvideographer Maxi Richter and costume designer Philipp Fritsche.Landestheater Eisenach (GER)

7.06.2021 Do you feel at home?, Official selection and Finalist inVesuvius International film festival (IT)

31.3.2021 Invited to present Do you feel at home?  for theChoreografische Werkstatt run by the Tanzplattform Rhein-Main.Curated by Bruno Heynderickx, director of Hessisches Staatsballet.Wiesbaden (GER) digital premiere due to Corona

28.3.2021 New duet work Do you feel at home? Digital editioncreated in collaboration with videographer Leó Vendelli. Eisenach(GER)

15.01.2021 New solo work, Who are you? Costume design by PhilippFritsche. Eisenach (GER)

20.9.2020 New solo work Reflections, as apart of Andris Plucis’spiece Wir. Landestheater Eisenach (GER)

Dancer Experience

Landestheater Eisenach (GER) Soloist dancer, 2017/18 - 2021/22

Prometheus, Over There choreographed by Jorge Pérez Martínez.
Your First Memory choreographed by Bryan Arias.
Found Souls choreographed by Alfonso Palencia.
Wir, Boléro, Petroushka, Der Nussknacker, Verschwundenes Bild,Zeichnen, Der Glöckner von Notre Dam, Dornröschen, Die VierJahreszeiten, Highlights - Ein Ballett gala, Licht, choreographed byAndris Plucis.

Baltic Dance Theater (POL) Demi - Soloist , 2016/17

Napoli (after August Bournonville), Waltz, Opera Si! Beyond Bach,choreographed by Izabela Sokołowska-Boulton and WojciechWarszawski.
Pinocchio choreography by Giorgio Madia.

Melbourne City Ballet (AUS) Junior Artist, 2016

Romeo and Juliet (Australian East coast tour)
Napoli (after August Bournonville) choreographed by MichaelPappalardo.

Queensland Ballet (AUS) Apprentice, 2015

The Nutcracker choreographed by Ben Stevenson.Til Enda choreographed by Amy Hollingsworth.Peter Pan choreographed by Trey Mcintre.
La Sylphide choreographed by Peter Schaufuss.


New Zealand School of dance. Wellington, New Zealand. 2012-2014
Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School. Melboune, Australia 2009 -2011