Isn't it a pity - Interdisciplinary work

When reflecting on our lives, we often consider the people around us—how they came into our lives, the connections they shared, the support they provided, and their role in facing the darker aspects of life. Some of these encounters happen by chance, while others repeat, creating pathways in our memories that link our past to our present.

 Existing within the interconnected web of many lives is both a necessity and the only way to grasp a more comprehensive meaning. We are compelled to live among others, and in doing so, we find a greater understanding of existence. Moving forward, we can't carry everything with us; we can only bring along what's essential for the journey.

Premiere - 26th of October 2024

LaborTheater Hochschule für Bildener Künst, Dresden.

Choreography, Performance, Soundscape, Concept: Jack Bannerman

Set design, sculptures, Concept: Frieda Kirch 

Lighting design: Johann Ju 

Videography: Maks Pallas 

Thank you to the support of: 

Freundeskreis der HfBK Dresden 

StuRa der HfBK Dresden  

Labortheater HfBK Dresden